Center for Regenerative Medicine

About the «Center for Regenerative Medicine»

The Center for Regenerative Medicine was founded in 2015 with the assistance of the Laboratory of Innovative Biomedical Technologies. The given association was created with the purpose of the joint professional decision of actual problems of biomedicine on the basis of achievements of a modern science. Today, the center’s employees are developing biomedical technologies that open new opportunities for practical healthcare. Currently, the «Center» closely interacts with the head of «Laboratory of Innovative Biomedical Technologies» cms, professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Kovalyov Alexey Vyacheslavovich.

The goal of our team is a systematic analysis of the most promising and advanced achievements in fundamental science. Development on their basis of new technologies in the field of biomedicine. Verification of innovative methods of treatment and their application in medical practice.

The tasks of the center are a clear structuring of information from a huge volume of scientific knowledge, the systematization of results and facts, development of an effective strategy based on modern technologies for regenerative and biomedical methods of treatment, as well as their further introduction into medical practice. One of the main tasks is to inform a large number of needy patients and their relatives about the most modern and innovative, and sometimes alternative methods of treating a number of serious diseases.

Today we characterize regenerative medicine as the leading direction in the field of modern health care.