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Chemotherapy is more dangerous for the human body than the cancer itself.

According to the scientist and doctor of medical sciences Berkeley Hardin Jones, chemotherapy can be considered more harmful to the human body than the oncological disease that it is called upon to treat. According to the expert, this method of combating cancer benefits exclusively doctors, because it allows them to earn money, but people do not recover from it. He said that chemotherapy is more dangerous for the human body than cancer itself. Jones conducted a series of experiments and studies, tracking the situation for more than a quarter of a century. During the inspections, he noted that people who have serious illnesses have a chance to just live longer if they do not go for chemotherapy. In particular, this is especially true for those diagnosed with a tumor in the mammary glands. Such patients without chemotherapy increase their life span fourfold.

Confirm the opinion of a Western specialist and Russian researchers. In particular, at the University of Tomsk biologists noted that chemotherapy can carry a serious threat to human health, from it worse than from the cancer itself. Often used drugs lead to the fact that the tumor begins to mutate, rather than disappear, and new types of disease arise that are not taken by medication. Such conclusions were also made on the basis of results in patients with breast cancer. Female volunteers underwent chemotherapy courses, after which the specialists studied their condition. It turned out that in 23% of the result, the result was generally absent, the tumor even became more capable of forming metastases. How to deal with this, Tomsk experts do not know yet. Part of the standard methods are useful, but not all are cured in this way. The effect of chemotherapy was also studied at the Albert Einstein Medical College, New York, USA. Local experts observed how cells penetrate the vasculature when breast cancer occurs. Those of them that are called microenvironment of the tumor, are able to act as locks, so that metastatic clones can pass. According to the authors of the study, some types of chemotherapy can add the amount of microenvironment that the tumor is better enriched with blood. As a result, specialists came to the conclusion that appropriate inhibitors should be introduced. This is the only way to improve the result when neoadjuvant chemotherapy is used.
In addition to breast cancer, it has been proven that chemotherapy is badly struggling, in particular, with lung cancer. When relapses occur in small cell carcinoma, resistance may develop with the use of drugs. Such an effect was known before, but he did not have an explanation. Basically, lung cancer is a non-small cell carcinoma, which is well influenced by specific and immunotherapy.However, 15-20 percent is small cell, there are neuroendocrine cells, and the final is rapid metastasis. To cure this, cytotoxic chemotherapy and radiotherapy are used routinely. However, relapses often occur when the first option does not work. They explained why this is happening, the Austrian scientists. In their opinion, cancer cells have the ability to combine into several cohesive groups that do not allow medication to get through. Clots are obtained in diameter up to a couple of millimeters, in which there are thousands of cells. If the medicine does not break through this «shield», then the patient lives a maximum of several months.

An interesting study was conducted by specialists from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. In their opinion, one thing is that chemotherapy can not fight cancer directly, so it also has a lot of serious side effects. In particular, its application leads to damage to brain neurons. The drugs are capable of destroying not only cancer cells, but also attacking a part of the nerve cells, as a result of which often there are certain neurological and psychiatric symptoms. Scientists have studied the effect of multi-kinase inhibitors on the brain through synaptic optogenetic fluorescence analysis. It turned out that the fine tuning in the vesicles of neurons is broken, as a result of which they practically cease to interact. Accordingly, even a minimal amount of chemotherapy drugs can significantly damage the brain. In fact, multi-kinase inhibitors are used when there is cancer of the kidneys, liver and thyroid glands. Accordingly, in cases when you develop one of these types of cancer, you should not agree to chemotherapy.

What to do if the metastatic cells connect to the shield, preventing medication from breaking through? Experts from the Institute of Broad say that it is theoretically possible to try and, in this case, be cured. Based on the results of their studies, ferroptosis will help. What is the task of treatment? In that they could destroy malignant cells. The scenarios for this are different. Among them, in particular, standard for chemotherapy apoptosis, and also there is necroptosis, pyroposis and so on. Ferroptosis, proposed by scientists from the Institute of Broad, in fact, is mainly in the use of iron. When there are certain conditions, because of it begins to occur lipid oxidation, which is a constituent of the membranes, and, accordingly, the latter deteriorate, toxic substances are oxidized, and the cell dies on its own.