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New word in ophthalmology

Eye diseases are widespread in society. Ophthalmological pathologies are increasing, and medicine is not always able to provide assistance to those who do not see well. In place of the classical method of the Russian ophthalmologist V. P. Filatov, who developed a method for treating eye diseases with canned human tissues, innovative regenerative therapy has come.

Our Center for Regenerative Medicine offers an innovative range of medical procedures aimed at restoring vision. Professor Kovalev Alexey Vyacheslavovich addresses stem cell treatment to those who are desperate to cure their eyes with traditional methods. Talented doctors of our Center fundamentally changed the approach to the treatment of complex eye diseases. For this, we use all the advanced achievements in the field of pathological ophthalmology and current work on organotypic tissue repair.

We left in the past the syndromic approach to treatment. Specialists of the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Moscow treat ophthalmic diseases not with drug therapy, but with the author’s method of restoring vision. Regenerative therapy in ophthalmology for many patients is a real panacea. It returns sight to those who no longer hoped to return joy to see the world around.

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 Treatment of blindness in Moscow

Treatment of blindness, retinitis pigmentosa, optic nerve atrophy and other diseases in Moscow

In our center, the treatment regimen is compiled individually for the patient, depending on the disease, history, general health and complexity of the case. The method of treatment is also chosen on the basis of these indicators.

Today, our center has developed a special strategy that allows for 3D cell transplantation to regenerate the retina and optic nerve to the places where recovery processes take place. Doctors of the Center conduct outpatient treatment without a tedious hospital stay. Depending on the condition of the patient, from 3 to 6 courses of treatment are prescribed, which are implemented within one and a half or 2 years. In this case, procedures are performed without the use of general anesthesia under local anesthesia.

This method allows you to start the process of regeneration of those areas and structures of the eyes that have undergone a change for various reasons, to prevent vision loss and return it in pathologies such as:

In addition, the services of the Center for Regenerative Medicine are relevant for patients with improper projection of vision. We perform the expansion and restoration of visual fields. After therapy, we do not stop communicating with patients: a systematic examination eliminates the possibility of complications. Sometimes a course of treatment is reapplied once a year. If the disease is not congenital, then our non-standard method guarantees patients increased visual acuity. If there is a genetic factor, then we guarantee the minimization of pathological manifestations.

optic nerve atrophy;

retinal dystrophy;

retinitis pigmentosa;

Stargardt and Lager dystrophy;

dry and wet retinal macular dystrophy.

We promise to restore vision in patients with the lowest percentage of vision. Long-term practice confirms that during treatment there are practically no complications. At the same time there are practically no contraindications for the technique.

The Center for Regenerative Medicine is the place where they know how to relieve symptoms and cure complete or partial atrophy of the optic nerve, retinitis pigmentosa, macular dystrophy and other vision problems, and where to turn to cure blindness.

In order to start treatment with us, you need to send an email medical history, test results and other information so that our specialists can analyze your case and decide on a visit to us.