Center for Regenerative Medicine

Treatment method

The staff of the center, based on the work of VI Govallo and VI Novikov, modified the bioembriotherapy method, performed a number of experiments on cell cultures of malignant tumors in the presence of serum and immunocytes of the tumor host, as well as experimental studies in animals with transplanted tumors and confirmed the effectiveness of the modification.

We have developed a strategy for the creation of a new biopreparation that has a predictable pronounced antitumor activity in prevalent malignant tumors, based on the mutually reinforcing effect of the two components:
1) inducer of regression of malignant tumors;
2) an activator of an antitumor reaction of local and systemic immunity.
The use of the biopreparation in the treatment of metastatic cancer demonstrates the effect of reversion of a part of the tumor metastases against the background of the gradual destruction (regression) of the primary focus of malignant neoplasm in the host tumor.

Features of bilambriotherapy of cancer with extracts of the placenta:
The introduction of the placenta extract in case of cancer is carried out subcutaneously at a certain frequency (from 1 time in 2-3 months to 1 time per week) for at least a year, then as necessary.
The introduction of the drug does not cause any serious complications and unpleasant sensations, except for mild fever, chills and lethargy, which last for 1-2 days.
The use of bioembriotherapy improves the health of patients, increases overall resistance and does not require hospitalization.
The safety and efficacy of bioembryotherapy has been traced for 25 years.

Biotherapy is most effective for the treatment of cancer in the following forms of common malignant neoplasms:

Mammary cancer
Cancer of the lung (of different histological structure)
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Adenocarcinoma of the rectum
Synovial sarcoma
Cancer of the Fallopian tubes
Ovarian carcinoma
Sigmoid cancer
Stomach cancer
Prostate cancer
Uterine cancer
Cancer of the bladder
Salivary gland cancer
Bertaline gland cancer

For a preliminary decision on the prospects of treating your disease, it is not necessary to come to the clinic personally. Send an extract from the medical history and all analyzes to the e-mail address or through the Record form on our website. Doctors will hold a consultation and decide on the expediency of your visit.