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Treatment of Stroke

 Stroke treatment

Recovery treatment after stroke

A stroke is an acute impairment of blood circulation in the brain, as a result of which the processes of irreversible dying off of brain cells begin. Today, there is no 100% effective medicine for stroke, and a favorable prognosis depends primarily on the timely diagnosis and the appointment of the correct treatment.

After the emergency treatment in the acute period, rehabilitation, or, in other words, recovery after a stroke is necessary. In addition to medicines, there are tasks that can only be solved using an alternative source.:

Restoration of brain functions

Restoration of blood circulation in the brain in the outbreak of stroke

The Center for Regenerative Medicine conducts restorative treatment based on numerous stem cell transplantation studies. The result of research shows that bone marrow stem cells are able to improve blood circulation in the brain, reduce the formation of scar tissue, prevent CNS disorders and contribute to more successful rehabilitation of patients.

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 Stroke treatment

Benefits of rehabilitation after a stroke with stem cells

Today, this building material is used to treat:

Anti-inflammatory effect in the focus of damage

Anti-edema effect

Improving nutrition of neurons

Reducing the process of dying neurons

Improving the blood supply to the brain.

Therefore, it is worth noting that cell therapy can become one of the most popular, and most importantly, effective means of treatment and recovery after a stroke..

In addition, the isolation and transplantation of one’s own stem cells serve as an effective way of preventing the recurrence of the disease, since stroke patients once have a 50% higher risk of recurrence..

The technology of treatment with the help of transplantation of its own stem cells is registered by the Center for Regenerative Medicine in the field of public health and social development. It consists in the following actions:

Emergency departure to the patient

Taking the required amount of bone marrow (under local anesthesia)

Isolation of stem cells from the material

Reproduction of stem cells into specialized incubators

Introduction of stem cells to the patient using an dropper (twice, with a break of one month)

Follow-up of the recovery process.

The Center for Regenerative Medicine opens up new possibilities in the treatment of various diseases based on the achievements of modern biology and medicine. For more information on treatment and recovery after a stroke, please call+7 (906) 618-80-00